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ANGAKIS' Seduction

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acrylic on canvas-palette knife

48" x 36" x 1.5" 




As a globally recognized artist, the joy of my career comes not just from the creation of my paintings, but the ability to exhibit internationally. This opportunity to engage personally with my collectors around the world and immerse myself in diverse cultures enhances my artistic journey immeasurably. My process of creating abstract art forces me to confront my innermost thoughts and feelings. I use acrylic paint and a palette knife to transform my internal palette, into a visual language onto a blank canvas that is universally relatable. I have no plan or preconception as to what I will paint but I allow my emotions to direct me. Through my paintings, I strive to awaken curiosity and spark imagination, encouraging individuals to explore beyond the surface of the painting and delve into the depths of its imagery. Thus, enabling the viewer to have a dialogue between their own emotions and my abstract creations.



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