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AUDREY CORBIN Kaleidoscope #3: Ziggy Star

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Kaleidoscope #3: Ziggy Star

digital art printed on canvas




I enjoy creating art because it makes me feel alive and have purpose in this world. When I create art, it helps me express myself in a positive way. Art is a healing process for me and art is a healing process for many others as well. I hope when I create art, other people connect and feel it in a similar way that will start a conversation and make a positive impact in our world. When I work with my art, I am reminded that art is a universal language that connects people. Art can spark an interest and start a conversation. Art can impact lives in a positive way, no matter the situation, circumstances, or barriers that may stand in the way. I find art as an alternative way for me to start the conversation and address the issues that are normally very difficult for me to talk about in our world today.

Facebook: @artfeaturingaudreycorbin

Instagram: @artfeaturingaudreycorbin

Twitter: @AudreyCorbinArt

Pinterest: @artfeaturingaudreycorbin

Website: https://www.artfeaturingaudreycorbin


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