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BRIAN LATHAN'S As they lie, they'll cover their tracks

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As they lie, they'll cover their tracks


17" x 17" x 1" 




In my practice, I fabricate worlds that explore the human experience while creating narratives that speak to the contentious reality of being an “Other” within America. Utilizing fantastical elements, I imbue observation-based narratives with magical realism, allowing me to display painful, contemporary realities under the guise of an alluring mythological tale. My practice explores multiple mediums including printmaking and sculpture. My work utilizes multiples to document the same experience through varied perspectives. Using multiples I create variants as a way of attesting to the uniqueness of even same experiences. Though my work embodies the grandiose, I am inspired by the mundane moments of existence, sometimes celebrating the everyday by making it monumental. My overall body of work connects personal narrative these narratives act as transportation to a universe that blends emotional experiences, fantasy, and culture to create a mythos that is harrowing yet alluring.

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