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CAROL BOSS' Sunlight on Oak

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Sunlight on Oak

photography on canvas

11" x 14" x 1.5" 



Appreciating the Light There is a cemetery behind our home that myself and my family fell in love with, right after we moved here. Some folks see it as a place to bury their loved ones. I get that. I have always referenced it as the park, since my son was little. It is a place to find peace and tranquility. A place to enjoy the wind and sun on your face and shut out the busy, noise of life. I have been studying the way the sunrise and sunset reflects off the trees and the shadows that are created for years. These photographs were taken because I was honestly just overwhelmed with the feeling this light gave me. The sky, weather and foliage are always different depending on the day and season. It lasts for a very brief amount of time. I’m always afraid to look away in fear I might miss it. I always feel content in this place and am hoping you will feel that way too.




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