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Caught In My Power by JASON HANSON

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Caught In My Power
48” X 30” X 1.5”
oil on canvas

Oil on canvas Unframed, ready to hang As an artist, I sense people. I live my life to allow me to connect with source. When I live my life connected to source, I'm able to sense people. I sense the beauty, joy, hurt, and pain they feel. I also sense the gap between who people are and who they portray they are. I also sense the gap between who people are and who they reveal to the world around them. My work fits directly into that gap. When I paint an individual's portrait, I see all these parts of them - I see the gap. We all know that every person sees a different version of us. We see a different version of ourselves too. Few people get the gift of knowing exactly how another person sees them. My dual genius powers of painting and holding space for all the parts of a person allow me to bring physical form to what I see in another.



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