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Consumption by TED GILLESPIE

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36” X 36” X 1.5”
acrylic on canvas

Materiality is crucial for the understanding of work related to the theme of consumption. How do we devour the world and ingest the objects and materials within our throw-away culture? Materials can speak volumes, just as a picture can speak a thousand words. I use, discarded, and otherwise overlooked materials with a strong connection to sustainability, while others approached the theme by using imagery that connected with politics and narratives rather than a physicality. The current temperament within our society is one of progress at our own expense. We are urged to buy more, spend more, and use more so we can collectively bolster our economy and consume our way out of a hole, out of a recession. There is a powerful wave of suggestion, driven by advertisements, media, and economic pressures that cause us to believe that we are merely consumers, defined by the act of consumption. It is my firm belief that we as artists should push back against this wave in any blatant or subversive


ALL ARTWORK CURRENTLY ON EXHIBITION IN THE 6TH BIANNUAL WILL STAY ON DISPLAY AFTER PURCHASE UNTIL OCTOBER 30TH 2022. Some exceptions may apply. Shipping rates subject to change based on location and are the responsibility of the buyer.