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ELIZA CAPERTON Of Things That Are Worn

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Of Things That Are Worn





As I stare at a body of water, I am entranced by the undulating of ovals into lines as they reflect every known color across a fluid surface. It is rhythm. It is always changing. It breaks its own rules. I’m mesmerized by this natural complexity and how it brings me peace. Textile holds a parallel. The fiber is the water. The warp is the waves. The dye or the weft is the reflected color. In my work, I make natural dyes, collect second-hand materials, and found-objects. Through combinations of weaving, dying, and sewing I put them in situations and relationships that I negotiate and work to resolve. Sometimes they are decorative, sometimes wearable, sometimes hung on a wall. As a human, I cannot orchestrate the natural beauty of water's surface, but as a textile artist, I can harness materials and techniques that contain rhythm, chance, life experience and social context into their own resolution–their own form of peace. I've spent the past year learning how to weave.


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