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Gray Landscape by SAM KAMPELMAN

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Gray Landscape
Oil on Board
17" x 19.5" x 1"

"The abstract-representational paintings I create are influenced by my curiosity about space and scientific theory. I’m not a scientist, but have a deep appreciation for the subject. There is nobility in pursuing answers to life’s challenges through science. However, I’m fascinated by its inability to explain all aspects of our lives, including humans in relation to the space around us and beyond. Despite our best efforts to explain and predict how life will unfold, the natural world doesn’t always follow formulas and patterns. I enjoy applying the principals of those forms of study to painting. I use the sense of scale in the images I create to demonstrate that we are a small part of the larger whole, and I strive to have the viewer feel that sense of proportion. To do so, examples of two painting systems I consistently use are perspective and the variation of color saturation. The color in my artwork is vivid to depict my images as a playful exploration"


IG @samkampelmanart


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