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In Search Of Scorpio by GARRY MCMICHAEL

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In Search Of Scorpio
39” X 27” X 2”
oil on board

For five decades, Garry McMichael has been traveling the back roads of Middle America, especially the Ozarks Region, capturing its beauty with the camera, pastels and paint. Garry is constantly searching for those fleeting moments when the landscape, the atmospheric conditions and the ever-changing light come together in a flash of visual inspiration. Being blessed with a head full of ideas, it is through the challenge of turning these ideas into reality that Garry finds expression for his photography and paintings. The natural world and the environment have always been a powerful influence in his ideas, but so has mankind and our relationship to the environment. A rock is nature, but a man can stack rocks and turn them into a symbol, or a fence, or a shelter or even an exquisite sculpture. It is where nature and man come together that Garry is finding the most interesting visions and motivation.


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