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Wishing Star

acrylic on canvas

8" x  8" x  .75"




This piece expresses the longing need for something new to happen in one's life after moving away for a new job, starting point, or better self image. Though people say wishing upon a wishing star is useless, somehow, someday, they will always come true. In my piece, Yellow Jellyfish, I show the emotion I felt in the moment, singled out in a yet beautiful and lonely world, so lonely many drowned the beauty of it through the same colors until a splash of color was added, something new and unique, something only you can bring. Sunflowers, was inspired by a scene in The Wind Rises by Studio Ghibli productions! Oil pastels piqued my interest at the time and I was hoping to replicate that oil pastel look. I am a teen artist who has a passion and love for learning and art.


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