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We Are Moving Forward




As an older artist, the fire within me has to do with being, with place, and with connections with people and ideas, and ways to find new direction to express this. I am approaching my work at present with mixed media types of projects. Many unfinished monotypes are being cut up and combined with new printed parts to create new compositions. Mixing the older with the new becomes a continuum which is very satisfying to me. Ultimately, each composition becomes a combination of what I have put into the work and what the viewer finds to relate to in it. I hope they will find a little mystery, or beauty, or humor, or something that touches them.


ALL ARTWORK CURRENTLY ON EXHIBITION IN THE 7TH BIANNUAL 12 x 12 SHOW WILL STAY ON DISPLAY AFTER PURCHASE UNTIL APRIL 30TH 2023. Some exceptions on case-by-case basis. Shipping rates subject to change based on location and are the responsibility of the buyer. All sales are final.