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Red Cloth-Covered Face to the Sky in a Slow Sufi Dance (Age Relief) by BILL RUSSELL

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Red Cloth-Covered Face to the Sky in a Slow Sufi Dance (Age Relief)
35.25” X 27.25” X 2.75”
Inkjet print rice paper, reves paper, pushpins, wheatpaste

I am a chronic observer—looking for stories in the woodwork and bringing them to life in three-dimensional space. As a conceptual folk artist on the autism spectrum, I make art as a means to understand the world around me and to explore questions about race, gender, family, and society. I use readily available resources including digital media, cultivated and harvested natural materials, and detritus to tell stories with implicit social commentary. My work forms a vibrant collage of experimental architecture, calligraphy, photomontage, printmaking and wearable garments. Working with found materials adds a fundamental element of chance to my work. I call it the random approximation of unrelated events. It is a recognition that unpredictability is an inescapable element in everything. Rather than trying to extinguish it, I cultivate it.



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