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Her Rage Is Creative

acrylic paint & modeling paste on canvas 



The piece, "her rage is creative" depicts a female form in a desolate, volcanic landscape. We don't know if she lost her head in the eruption, but the smoke and soot render the senses obsolete anyways. Volcanoes represent the volatile and dangerous beauty of mother earth. If one is too attached to an ego, identity, face or personality, the figure looks like it is defeated and lifeless...but the self-destructing, faceless woman is a silent hero. Like the sun, her own body, nature and emotions beget the foundation for life. As much as some emotions and feelings and positions are avoided, this piece represents the cycle of nature and texture of emotion; there is an art to enjoying rage. The piece was made in quarantine and is embedded with my frustration over loss. Loss of control, loss of health, loss of freedom, loss of friendship, loss of peace and loss of pride.


Instagram: @officialshmay



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