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The Hill
25” X 25” X 2.5”
acrylic on canvas

“My work is about what happens when a personal creative revolution goes head-to-head with the limitations of early motherhood. Imagine being so inspired and motivated that you cry with gratitude and relief. Imagine knowing so acutely the type of artist you are and the work you want to make. YOU ARE READY. And then, the faint little whimper of a helpless baby who needs you. All of you. So, I work in stages and phases. The grid-like element of my work is essential. It may take me months to complete a painting, but I can fully paint one square and feel a sense of accomplishment. Movement towards something that is just for me; my art. "The Hill" is specifically about the slow, steady tempo of being a mother artist. It's not a grand mountain traverse, but rather an evolution of progress with subtle, yet surprising, obstacles.”
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