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The Pink Hatching Egg by NATCHA WONGCHANGLAW

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The Pink Hatching Egg

24” X 16” X 1.5”

digital collage on metal




“The Hatching Eggs were created during the pandemic in 2020. Despite the limitations imposed by this global pandemic, my heart yearns for a new adventure. I wish I could travel, but we must maintain a social distance in order to help flatten the curve. Although I can't travel in the actual world, no one can stop my imagination. There, I create a new adventure for myself. There, there are places no one has explored. Unexplored places are cracking out of the eggs. In my imagination's world, I'm traveling.”

Natcha Wongchanglaw is a Thailand-born, US-based visual artist focusing on photography. She utilizes her camera to explore the themes of home, culture, community, identity, & relationships between people & places. She often uses herself & her experiences as a reference. Her work's been included in national & international exhibitions. She earned her master’s degree in digital photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York and is pursuing her MFA in Art Studio at SIUE in Illinois.

IG @nanaka9



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