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Translucent Sea-3 by HENRY MOYERMAN

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Translucent Sea-3
24” X 36” X 1”
photograph on acrylic

 LEGO elements are a reflection of how I fundamentally see myself. I have always felt like a person between two worlds: One technical and the other creative.  I am both an artist and an engineer. The LEGO brick embodies this duality. It can be used for incredible artistic expression, while simultaneously requiring engineering to be formed into a stable physical object. Through original LEGO sculptures and LEGO based photography, I create art that represents who I am. I hope observers will consider how art can reflect who they are as well.
IG @thebricksculptor


THIS ARTWORK CURRENTLY ON EXHIBITION WILL STAY ON DISPLAY AFTER PURCHASE UNTIL April 30TH 2022. Some exceptions may apply. Shipping rates subject to change based on location and are the responsibility of the buyer.