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Meditate is a piece I made during a photo fundraiser for mental health services for black self-identified men. The subject is Alonzo Nelson, on of the co-founders of The Collective STL. He was also one of my first black male teachers and his commitment to yoga inspires myself and many to take part in this practice. This piece shows Alonzo accessing his third eye through meditation, it is often through meditation that we are able to see things more clearly. Meditation is more than just sitting still and can look different to everyone whether you play, dance, do yoga, or go for a walk.


ALL ARTWORK CURRENTLY ON EXHIBITION IN THE 7TH BIANNUAL 12 x 12 SHOW WILL STAY ON DISPLAY AFTER PURCHASE UNTIL APRIL 30TH 2023. Some exceptions on case-by-case basis. Shipping rates subject to change based on location and are the responsibility of the buyer. All sales are final.