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Untitled (Yellow In Three Phases) by DAVID CARTER

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Untitled (Yellow In Three Phases)

11.5” X 21” X 7.5”

cast latex paint


“I want my work to be a continuation of the unabashed exploration and playfulness we have as children. In that spirit, I like to use mediums in unexpected ways, these forms could be considered paintings, but I’m using the paint as a sculptural medium. With this process, I’m trying to recreate the initial moment I experience something that has caught my attention. The forms are constructed from layering cast slabs of paint. I’m exploring what emotional connection I have towards the individual colors and how my emotions towards colors change in relation to other colors. I feel a sense of trust towards objects that are consistently the same material through and through...bricks, stones, wood...I wanted these sculptures to possess the same integrity, therefore casting slabs of paint instead of painting a surface.”

IG @carterdavidscott


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