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VICKI HEFTY Tranquility

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mixed media on panel




@vlhefty  Facebook at Vicki Hefty.

I create playful, layered, abstract art using mixed media. My work is inspired by my gardens, family and love of color, texture and a sense of discovery. My goal is to create a joyful and interactive experience for the viewer. I work intuitively and conceptually, which means I may start a painting with a concept in mind, but at some point, I let the materials and marks lead the way. I build up layers of paint, collage and mark making, watching for the right balance of energy and play. When a pleasing balance is reached, the painting is finished. I’m based in Wildwood, MO, where I show and sell at local venues. I sell my work via my website at


ALL ARTWORK CURRENTLY ON EXHIBITION IN THE 7TH BIANNUAL 12 x 12 SHOW WILL STAY ON DISPLAY AFTER PURCHASE UNTIL APRIL 30TH 2023. Some exceptions on case-by-case basis. Shipping rates subject to change based on location and are the responsibility of the buyer. All sales are final.