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Where The Water Lilies Grow by JAMES SPELL

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Where The Water Lilies Grow

acrylic on canvas

48" x 60" x 1.5"



“To me, art is an intuitive expression of nonverbal, visual communication. There is something meditative in the glide of a palette knife that calls to me. Perhaps it is the element of surprise inherent to the imprecise nature of contemporary and abstract expressionist work. Perhaps it is an opportunity to explore the active and the passive elements, somewhere between the concepts of form and formlessness. That moment is what I enjoy most, where each gesture, each moment, is a leap of faith. Abstraction is a noisy art whose goal is clarity, where the clearest notes peek through the cracks in the layers of composition, revealing the hidden elements and adding their voices to the final work. I find myself drawn to minimalist landscapes much of the time, using simplified architectural forms to invoke the shared feelings of home, establishing a narrative context somewhere between vvthe loud and the quiet spaces of our lives, perhaps where we might find the contentment we all seek.”
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