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Wild Wood
110" x 63"
art cloth print

Jacque Davis harnesses the vast possibilities of cloth to paint surreal landscapes that capture the symbolic language of dreams. With a long history in the textile arts, her training began in traditional quilting and includes many years of weaving fine laces. In 2000, her work evolved as she began exploring different methods to create original cloth designs. She has practiced dyeing and color removal techniques as well as photography and use of digital programs to manipulate and then print vibrant images on cloth. She then applies intricate stitching to enhance the cloth and shape her artistic expression.

The symbolic language of dreams has been the longtime focus of Jacque’s work. During her childhood she sometimes experienced frightening, repetitive dreams. She studied psychology, dream studies and hypnotherapy during her Bachelors degree studies and practiced hypnotherapy for many years. Based on her experiences, and reinforced by her studies, she believes there is a connection between the dreamer and the artist that guides the creation of art across all art mediums.

Her work has traveled to many juried exhibits, won numerous awards, and has been purchased for private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Her longtime love of color, texture and stitch is evident in her richly colored and densely stitched art. She teaches many of her techniques to students in her home studio. She has studied with many art cloth experts and has completed a two and a half year Art Cloth Mastery Program in San Antonio, TX taught by Jane Dunnewold.

She has worked as a Gallery Director and Art Programs Facilitator teaching a variety of art methods to adults and children.
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