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CHUCK GROTH'S Suson Evening

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Susan Evening

acrylic on canvas

28" x  22" x  1.5"


The expansiveness of the Midwest landscape pulls at my imagination and draws me in. In these paintings, I am exploring those deep landscapes. When I see the ocean of prairie grasses, farm fields, slow, low hills that rise and fall while always alluding to more beyond them, I can't help but try to understand their distance and movement, and the constantly changing skies of the Midwest are about all I can comprehend of infinity.   I have approached these landscapes as a personal search for understanding the natural world through form, texture and color. Sometimes, my attempts are straightforward recordings of a scene, while others are a search of emotion, motion, and layer. In all cases, I have set out not to paint as I see intellectually, but rather interpret my reaction to the scene.  In this, I'm taken by the strength and agelessness of the prairie. Painting plein air and studio landscapes allows me to explore the connection between the physical world and our emotional response to it.


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