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Notting Hill Gate, London

Monochrome Photograph

27" x 39.5" x 1.5" 

FB Jim Descher Photography

When I am in a city, I try to photograph something that conveys a sense of place and hopefully a vibe of wherever I am. London is very different from Paris. Beyond language is the look of each place. The color schemes, white buildings in London verses the grays and blues Paris change the feel of these two beautiful places. New York City is different than both of them. Los Angeles is like NYC in some ways. It is a tall city with spectacular architecture. It is a city with staggering wealth and terrible poverty. It is gritty and dirty like NYC. But LA is in California. That makes very different, starting with the weather. Monochrome photos take color out of the equation and leave us with form and composition to view. I hope you enjoy these. Some of my favorite photos can be found on and a separate website is coming soon.


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