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JEAN HOWARD'S Botanicals 1

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Botanicals 1

100% cotton fabric

26" x 17.5" x 1" 



I sew textile art to express my appreciation of nature, as well as my excitement in exploring the interaction of color, shape, and line. Through my work, I pay homage to my family’s rich traditions in quilting and farming, while pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished with needle and thread. I incorporate bold color and intuitive composition in the abstract quilts I sketch and construct, as they evolve over time on my design wall. My life on fifty acres of woods, fields, and gardens provides me with endless inspiration and joy to return to my studio daily.

Botanicals 1 is a quilted fabric creation mounted on a wooden frame. It celebrates the almost limitless values and hues of color found in nature, particularly in the abundance of flora in the summer.

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