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JEFF SASS' Self Portrait Number 7

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Self Portrait Number 7

silver gelatin prints, cyanotype and acrylic paint

20" x  16" x 1.5" 



Digital photography has evolved. It is razor sharp and nearly perfect and can can be endlessly re-printed for mass consumption, each one undistinguishable from another. Ink on paper. I call my working philosophy Katastrophe. The word, "Katastrophi" is from Ancient Greek. It means to ruin or undo. Katastrophi celebrates the imperfections of the hand-created image. Each one is unique and unduplicatable. An image created in this manner requires that I work loosly, bending rules, allowing myself to create mistakes, seeing what directions they could drive the work. Exploiting the mistakes that I found useful and folding them into the process. Katastrophi images have their gelatin photoemulsions on the film and the papers deliberately distressed or melted away so that other emulsions could be reapplied and exposed. Images that come out of these processes are almost impossible to presict, let alone duplicate. Each one is unique.

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