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Holey Bowl


13" x 13" x 3" 




Jeremy Lampe’s blown glass and ceramic sculptures are inspired by industrial cast offs and tools. Breaking down dichotomies between industry and nature, glass and clay, rubber and metal, and between what is genuine and what is imitation, he brings different mediums together in the examination of their individual fluid natures. Lampe’s goal is to dissect each of the materials and manipulate them in a way that reveals the process of their making, as well as their plasticity and fluidity; he wants it to be evident that at one time these forms were soft and malleable before the process rendered them hard and vitreous. As the work progresses, mechanized apparatus morph into anatomical limbs and rusty remnants of an industrial era mutate into biological configurations. Dynamic, animated pieces represent the course of adaptations taken, while retaining ownership of their industrial roots.

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