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LIVIA XANDERSMITH'S Failure to Refrain

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Failure to Refrain

oil on canvas

24" x  30" x 0"



My paintings are the physical manifestations of the tangles in my mind. Images, thoughts, and memories weave and collide on the canvas into a toxic soup of humanity. Each painting is an attempt to understand and unweave the tangles. I know these mental labyrinths are a part of being human. However, lately they seem to be growing, thickening, and multiplying in response to the constant media, newsfeed updates, and information that I absorb from our complex and ever-expanding digital era. Hands, limbs, and faces can be seen often manipulating the chaos they inhabit. The surroundings of my tangles, and their accompanying figures, live within an ambiguous space somewhere between analog and digital. The overloaded and often glitching compositions, mixed with the visions of explosions and ominous clouds, echo a warning of the shifting presence of technology in our lives and how it skews our realities.

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