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LUKE FIRLE'S IV's #15 & #16

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IV's #15 & #16,

From the series "What's In The Bag."

acrylic paint, markers, and ink pen on hand cut bristol board

20" x 16.25" x 1.825" 



These works I present you are a journey. That started in April 2020 as the global pandemic due to the Covid-19 virus was shutting down the world. I received news, I had Stage 4 Testicular Cancer. This would lead to a very difficult time in my life, I was separated from everyone as I was vulnerable to this new virus, due to Lung Metastasis. As I struggled thru the following spring & summer months of chemo treatment with out anyone being able to go with for precautionary needs of all patients not just myself. I found myself taking snap shots of the equipment that was used to infuse my blood with the chemo & other drugs, needed to beat this disease. At the end of the summer start fall I found myself wanting to work thru these past few months & started looking thru my photos & in these if found myself really looking again & again at the IV bags. So I began painting & cutting out the image blindly so I would be surprised by the finished image.

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