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MARCO MULDER'S bauhausmiles

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plywood, paint, fabric, led lights

60" x  40" x 12" 


 I have been a painter for forty years, born and raised in the Netherlands. I have always been trying to free the painting from being a two dimensional surface . I like working with lights in my paintings, so that they become a light source once the daylight is gone. Now that I am older I have become more calm and have gone from wild expressionistic swirls to more minimalist art and the use of geometry. I intuitively sketch circles, rectangles and triangles on a sheet of plywood, cut the shapes out, build an open frame behind the cut out shapes, apply fabric and then put the pieces back in, sticking out in front and behind the original surface of the painting. After ten years of studying art I stopped looking at other artist`s work, to see what I had inside me. Today I channel the spirits of the old Dutch and German minimalist artists, going back to my roots as a child and young man traveling through Europe with my parents and going to exhibitions and museums. I have come full circle.

This work was created by sketching circles, triangles and rectangles on a sheet of plywood, then cutting the shapes out, creating an open frame behind the shapes, adding fabric to them, then placing the 3 dimensional pieces back, either sunk into the panel or protruding forward. Then adding lights.

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