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She Adores Him

oil on canvas

20" x  16" x  2"


Witzling's visual expressions make observations about his life experiences. Painting is a solitary process which he finds both meditative and inspiring. His passions have pushed him to work with oil paints building up layers and excavating back into these stacks, repeating a push-pull process to evoke a sense of depth. His inspiration is multi-layered, often challenging himself to create with a technical challenge or a new process while at the same time being intellectually inspired by intangible concepts as themes to guide his approach. For example, his work has focused on the meanings of ‘truth’ and ‘belonging’ which have meaning at both personal and societal levels. Witzling’s painting process rarely uses traditional brushes, instead working responsively with a variety of tools like scrapers, brayers, brooms, sticks, and even old credit cards to activate the surface. The result is often bold, sometimes subtle, and always, he hopes, optimistic and engaging.


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