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Mom's Dance

acrylic on wood

25" x  24" x  3"




My art reflects my moods. I recently just completed a 5 week solo Exhibition called “Intimacy: Into.Me.See” a voyeuristic exploration of intimacy of my evolution. This is a piece from that Exhibit. I became intentional about noticing, accepting and appreciating the purest forms of love without question. Many things, including fear, rejection, childhood trauma, can cause us to become blind to or even reject the small but powerful displays of love outside of romance. Try as we might, these actions rarely override the human desire for connection, community and compassion. We put up walls to protect ourselves but people can’t love what they can’t see. I find all of my work enhancing me to evolve. My work is inspired by living, being present and accepting who I am. I love to use bold colors, textures, and juxta positioning to stimulate not only my mind but those who encounter my work.


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