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MEE JEY'S The Maze

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The Maze 

repurposed fabric on wood

24" x 24" x 1" 


Mee Jey is a multidisciplinary artist concerned with lived experiences. Mee focuses on the collective politico-cultural identity and experiences, communal creativity and connections through her immersive installations, performances, relational art projects and time-based media. Mee’s approach is primarily interdisciplinary and process is organic. This ensures incorporation of accidental and unplanned happening in the larger creative process. Mee employs Indian visual lexicons and treatment techniques using material procured from American communities. On the tradition of chanting in Indian spiritual practice, Mee employs the power of repetitiveness visually and formally. Conceptually she relies on Indian philosophy of 'Anekantawad' which states that ultimate reality has multiple aspects to it. Mee’s production technique demands intense physical labour hence her works bear her patina in many aspect. 

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