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RACHEAL BRUCE'S Dramatic Readings

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Dramatic Readings

ink, pencil, and marker on paper

21" x  15" x 1"


I’m devoted to empathetic drawing and conflating performance and social convention. I approach illustration like I’m directing a play: I respond to a script, I cast the actors and I build the sets. When I place the lighting a certain way, I think of myself as a lighting gaffer, illuminating the focal points and enhancing the drama. For me, this is a visual tool. We can learn a lot about social convention and how we view each other through exaggeration and performance. I’m curious about illustration as performance art, and through this curiosity I explore how an audience grapples with their own feelings of superstition. I play with believable falsehoods: placing the viewer in a realm where they believe a fiction is real enough that they engage in a communal game of storytelling. My work imbues the feeling that a fantastical unreality could exist in our physical world, with all of the whimsy and eeriness that comes with it. 


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