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REBECCA CORBET'S Citrus Pinwheel

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Citrus Pinwheel

pine needles, bead accent with ceramic center

11" x  11" x 1.75"



Corbet's artwork is inspired by Nature's Creation and the beauty of the intricacies found within. I have no formal training other than being an art minor in creative strength lies in my curiosity to discover how to emulate things I've admired, so I am self-taught. I found a kindred collection of like-minded weavers around the country who collect long pine needles for resale. Each basket has at least three variations, each with a distinct texture and aroma. We call this collection "Pine Tapestries"...a random collection of cast-off needles woven together to create a work of art. I've found working in one of the oldest functional, artistic crafts both peaceful and therapeutic.


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