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Bedtime Stories

digital inkjet print from35 mm film negative

20" x  25.5"



Everyday I’d go to my grandmother’s condo, filled with hair products, the spirit of her salon in Peru. She’d sit me on the linoleum counter in the bathroom facing the mirror speckled with crusted mascara. There, she brushed my tangled curls until they laid flat. Even as she struggled to recognize me at the end of her life; my grandmother remembered me through her craft. Storytelling is my craft. My family’s retellings of coming to the US are filled with contradictions. My explorations of this story let me imagine a possible history for myself. My retellings of lost love are attempts to reconcile with hurt, make sense of what’s gained in moments when I only feel loss. My practice provides perspective, creates space for others to respond to my experiences and offers moments to memorialize my own history. Through my art practice, I’m searching to excavate, dust off, and preserve each memory. Each work, a cartographic study, guiding me back to the moments I cherish. 


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