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SIMIYA SUDDUTH'S Round Up Ready Corn

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Round Up Ready Corn

fluorescent gouache on paper

24" x  18" x  1"


I am a mother, artist and educator. In my multidisciplinary practice my working methods are fluid; experimentation is an integral component of my practice. Within my practice, I explore the concepts of healing, spirituality, justice, the landscape and joy. My approach to healing is rooted in my studies of and interactions with my regional and ancestral ecosystems by examining agriculture, plants, and the landscape. Specifically, I investigate the histories, cultures, power systems, living and non-living beings that inhabit the Mississippi River watershed. These paintings are part of an ongoing body of work titled Mississippi Mandala. In this work, I explore the saturation of industrial agriculture and its stronghold on the midwestern landscape. I examine the dichotomy of powerful, historically rich and sacred plants like corn, and cotton, and their contemporary uses and planting methods that have become toxic and problematic.


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