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In And Out

ink, colored pencil, wax pastel, acrylic paint on wood

74.5" x  36" x  1.5"


I have a constant within my work: 1) Repurpose past work into new work 2) Collaging, layering, redrawing, digitally manipulating and scanning. This is where the surprise and excitement lie. With placed rules, the unexpected is revealed. Rules seem limiting, but allow an “aha” moment. A moment where freedom and play arrive. Where rules, freedom and play actually become the same thing. Allowing an openness of decisions to be made. Until I have the "aha" moment again. It's the surprise within the rules that I find interesting. Rules inviting freedom and play. Allowing moments for decision-making. For new uncoverings within my own work, I thought I already knew. It's the surprise of what can be constructed within a reorganized work that draws me to keep my materials in close proximity. It’s the second of the “aha” that my work transitions into the old It's why I continue to work with self-imposed rules and process.


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