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Made Her Bed

mixed media acrylic on found silver tray

7" x 10" x 1" 




Adjacent to my social justice project, Faces Not Forgotten, www.facesnotforgotten, and my landscape work, I keep a constant practice of small narratives, personal sketches and reflections of my own life as a woman, daughter, wife, mother, sister. These "ponderings" are hopefully reflective of our universal, feminine challenges created with found domestic objects, photos, fibers, wallpapers, and small trinkets. I have long been fascinated in the way we leave a bit of our spirit on the things we touch and how these things tell our story after we’re gone. Currently, I have been focused on my "serving tray" series, narratives on physical found serving trays, a metaphor for the literal serving role that woman still perform, caring for others' needs first, in our culture.Olivia Lahs-Gonzales wrote about my work, “Cheerful, vibrant colors belie underlying serious psychological issues that often have to do with interpersonal relationships.”  

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