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JEREL CANTY'S Tales From The Hood: Remnants Of Pain

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Tales From The Hood: Remnants Of Pain

inkjet print

31.5" x 25.5" x 1" 



Within this collection of photos, it shows the blight and dilapidation of infrastructure in urban environments, particularly in my hometown area of Centreville/East St. Louis, Illinois. The lack of necessary economic information and knowledge has lead to challenging circumstances of what is seen, felt and accustomed to. This series of photos are a continuation of previous photographic and video projects I have done in the area. My purpose in bringing these visuals to the forefront is to show beauty in degradation, to think there once was, now gone, but resurrections are opportune now more than ever. In correlation to my past series documenting Centreville/East St. Louis, these photos has been inspired by the lack of inspiration that surrounds me, and this fuels me more in my purpose and craft to make a difference to be on the path of positivity, rather than a path that reflects the environment.




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