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The Jewel Box

oil on birch panel

48" x 36" x 1.5" 


“In all of my work, I strive to maintain a sense of expressiveness through the use of saturated colors and confident brushstrokes which are a reminder of the process and the physicality of the material. Many of my paintings are created ‘en plein air,’ on location from direct observation, however, I am most interested in capturing the essence of the space rather than conforming strictly to realism. The spaces I depict range from cultivated public parks to urban alleyways, physical representations of community and connection. I am fascinated by the overlapping of memories occurring in these shared spaces and how this shapes community identity. In crafting my composition, I negotiate a simultaneous level of representationalism and aesthetically satisfying abstraction. I want my work to be seen at a slower pace and require conscious participation, reconditioning the mind to study and interpret the visual patterns.

Based on a small plein air study, this painting captures the grandeur of the iconic pavilion in Tower Grove Park. As with all my landscapes, I am interested in places that we share and create community identity; this structure is both a historic and cultural symbol with its newly restored stripes.”

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